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EverFi is building a learning program to address the great white space of education – Summer Learning Loss.

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While many of us had wonderful and enriching summer childhood experiences, many lower income children struggle to access needed educational opportunities and thus fall behind their peers at a steeper rate each summer.

This phenomenon is known as the Summer Slide and it's driving a major achievement gap. It's also dramatically affecting the trajectory of many students' lives.

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So what was your favorite, most enriching summer experience as a child?

Regardless of your answer, chances are you had access to engaging activities and adult support – the most crucial components to early cognitive development.

Unfortunately, that is not always the case for economically disadvantaged families. Research shows that consistency of engagement in educational activities across the calendar year is the best way to level the playing field.

What percent of U.S. children attend summer learning programs?

Correct answer:


Only 25% have access to important summer programs that keep them engaged and moving forward in important developmental areas.

What percentage of families read to their kindergarten-age children on a daily basis?

Correct answer:


Less than half of families read to their children on a daily basis. Parent involvement is at an all-time low. Yet children whose family members read to them 3 to 4 times a week are twice as likely to be able to recognize all the letters of the alphabet.

Which student skills are most sensitive to summer loss?

Correct answer:

Both Literacy and Math skills

Literacy and math skill development require both resources (books, etc.) and facilitation (adults who can supervise and support), and thus these areas are most sensitive to summer loss.

In fact, losses in literacy are highly related to the degree to which adults read to, teach, and talk with their children.

What are the consequences of learning loss for students?

Correct answer:

All of the above

Summer learning loss is very real and has important repercussions in the lives of students, especially those with fewer financial resources. Early learning losses are persistent, but so are early gains. As a nation, we must do more to prevent this loss in the first place.

In addition to math and reading, which other skills do you think are critical for a young person to develop?

Summer learning loss is the direct result of a reduction in engaged learning time by students. And those who need the highest levels of direction and instruction are the LEAST likely to receive this attention during the summer months. Because of the high-costs, lack of infrastructure, and lack of efficacy research, this problem HAS NOT BEEN TACKLED at scale.

EverFi is stepping up to the challenge.

This week, we’re connecting TED attendees with one of the 7,000 schools in our network so you can understand how students there are building the critical skills they need to be successful in life.

The school we’d like to connect you with is:

We’d love to share a periodic update with you to tell you about the critical skills the students at this school are building.

We’ll send just two emails in the next year. We promise.

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